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september, 1stth 2016

A new studio and bed and breakfast is opening now. You'll find there, in the heart of Landes Natural Park, a beautiful and simple house for art working (sculpture, painting and writing)and for holidays. We have three double bedrooms, a lodge for exhibitions and a large park in the wild forest. Between the Ocean and Bordeaux city, please come to visit us and have a delicious moment of nature and serenity.

Sculpture and Writing Retreat
From august, 10th 2015 to august, 17th 2015

Come and spend a week of art and studies in a castle near Bordeaux! In the best conditions, you will be invited to create and learn.
In the morning you'll learn and practice your art of choice.
In the afternoon we will explore the region and all its beauties.
Please look at our flyer for any information

Sculpture and Writing Retreat in a French castel
From august, 10th 2015 to august, 17th 2015

Come and spend a week of art and studies in a castle near Bordeaux! In the best conditions, you will be invited to create and learn.
In the morning you'll learn and practice your art of choice.
In the afternoon we will explore the region and all its beauties.
Please look at our flyer for all information

Signature in the bookshop La Briqueterie for the novel IDEAL NICE
From january, 31th 2015 to january, 31th 2015

Show TV dedicated to the novel IDEAL NICE
From january, 20th 2015 to may, 1stth 2020

Please, watch the TV show made at the Hotel Meridien on the link :


Publishing of the new novel "SÜD" by Stephane Renaud
From november, 21th 2013 to december, 21th 2014

Publishing of the new novel "SÜD" wrote by Stephane Renaud. In a few weeks a dedicace session will be organized.

Publishing of the new novel "SÜD" by Stephane Renaud
From november, 21th 2013 to december, 21th 2014

Publishing of the new novel "SÜD" wrote by Stephane Renaud. In a few weeks a dedicace session will be organized.

From june, 28th 2013 to june, 30th 2013

Like every year, from June 28th until sunday 30th, the summer exhibition of sculptures made by Stephane Renaud will be presented to you at the time of a "Magic Party",in the gardens of the Eze' Mairie Annexe (Eze Bord de Mer)
The opening day will be the sunday 30th from 5pm. This evening will give you the pleasure to discover the new sculptures, during a little live concert of music, and with a glass of wine "Bordeaux Superieur" "Château de Fontalem" produced by his family.
Please, reserve your date, We're are yet waiting for you. See you soon !

From may, 14th 2013 to may, 22th 2013

Until the May 22nd, Please come to discover the nexw sculptures made by Stéphane Renaud, and also the paintings made by a lot of other artists, at the Salle Neptune, on the port of Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat
This exhibition is organized by the Association of Beaux-Arts of Côte d'Azur.

Conference about novels by Stephane Renaud and Laurence Dionigi
From april, 27th 2013 to april, 27th 2013

Conference about novels by Stephane Renaud and Laurence Dionigi about their book of novels "Historic villas of French Riviera". Museaav, Place Garibaldi, from 5pm.

Stéphane Renaud on the Azur TV
From march, 22th 2013 to december, 31th 2013

Stéphane Renaud and Jeremy Taburchi present on the TV the 3rd "LOU CAN", a french and clever press review.

To see the vidéo, click on :

Judy Bynum George on the web
From march, 10th 2013 to june, 10th 2013

A new American painter is now on our website. JUDY BYNUM GEORGE. We invite you to view her landscapes, full of life and light.

Exhibition ART
From october, 19th 2012 to october, 19th 2012

You are cordially invited to the opening reception "Art's System" for the presentation of the new sculptures made by Stephane Renaud and Photos by Alexandre Schoedler. We hope in your presence !
Galerie "Atelier 17", 17 rue des Ponchettes à Nice, at 6.30 pm

Official parution of the new book "Historic villas of Nice ' Country
From october, 13th 2012 to october, 13th 2012

at 5 pm at the MUSEEAV, Place Garibaldi, in Nice, the new book "Historic villas of Nice' country" will be presented with my novel "L'Alcyon" about Kerylos villa, which obtained the Jury Price 2012

Mouans Sartoux 'books Festival
From october, 5th 2012 to october, 7th 2012

I'll present to you my new novel "L'Alcyon" about Kerylos Villa in Beaulieu, edited in the new book "Historic villas of Nice' country, at Baie des Anges editions. See you soon !

Indolent party - Exhibition in Eze. June 30th and July 1st
From june, 30th 2012 to july, 1stth 2012

A delicious party for collectors of art and sculpture. Wines, books, paintings and music will animate the new artworks' summer exhibition of Stéphane Renaud, in Eze, Cote d'Azur. the June 3Oth from 5pm until 10pm.
Exhibition prolonged the sunday july 1st
See you soon !

Claude Renaud
From june, 9th 2012 to june, 9th 2012

"Eden and "The Faune
From february, 18th 2012 to december, 31th 2012

the two new gay books wroten by Stéphane Renaud "EDEN" and REMEMBER - The Faune's Night. are now on line . Go to Amazon or any else web site to download them for only 2,90 euros.

From january, 1stth 2012 to january, 1stth 2013

Original sculpture by Stéphane Renaud, made from a copyright registration.Signed, numeroted 1/8. Casted by "Bronze d'airain". dated 2011. 50 x 30 x 20 cm.
Public price : 4.000 euros

november, 1stth 2011

A new gay book by Stephane Renaud published at Gay and Lesbian Editions in Paris :
EDEN, a hot and naked novel in Mediterranée.
A gay book about love and life, wroten with sensuality.
Commands in bookshops. 7,90 euros. All informations on www.editionsgaiesetlesbiennes.eu or at our address : contact@arts-creation-gallery.com or at : http://www.communique-de-presse-gratuit.com/stephane-renaud-signstephane-renaud-signe-deux-nouveaux-livres-publies-par-les-editions-gaies-et-lesbiennese-deux-nouveaux-livres-publies-aux-editions-gaies-et-lesbiennes_87380.html

november, 1stth 2011

One book - Two gay novels by Stephane Renaud published at Gay and Lesbian Editions in Paris :
REMEMBER, a strange love between two young guys, during 30's in Mississipi.
THE FAUNE'S NIGHT, a hot and amazing physical love with a Faune, in Saint Tropez, by a full moon night...
A gay and strong book to read without hands...
Commands in bookshops. 7,90 euros. All informations on www.editionsgaiesetlesbiennes.eu or at our address : contact@arts-creation-gallery.com
or at : http://www.communique-de-presse-gratuit.com/stephane-renaud-signstephane-renaud-signe-deux-nouveaux-livres-publies-par-les-editions-gaies-et-lesbiennese-deux-nouveaux-livres-publies-aux-editions-gaies-et-lesbiennes_87380.html

Sculptures Exhibition at EZE
From july, 8th 2011 to july, 10th 2011

You're invited to discover the new sculptures made by Stéphane Renaud the friday 8th july from 6 pm to 10 pm,
in the beautiful gardens of the Eze ' Mairie Annexe (beyond the sea).
You'll also can taste the good Bordeaux' wine produced by his family.
Contact : 00 33 (0)6 34 16 35 71

april, 20th 2011

1 - You have 2.000 euros to invest
2 - You choose a bronze at 5.000 euros TTC.
3 - With your payment of 2.000 euros you become auctionner of the bronze, by contract.
4 - The sculpture is sold, before 3 years, for 5.000 euros.
5 - You get back your 2.000 euros invested more 25 % of this amount. (2.000 + 500 = 2.500 euros )

If the bronze is not sold before 3 years, you become fully owner of the sculpture of a value of 5.000 euros TTC, for only your initial payment of 2.000 euros.
Please, contact me : stephrenaud59@aol.com

april, 19th 2011

Price of the sculpture : 5.000 euros
Discount price - 25 % : 3.750 euros
First account at the command : 2.000 euros
Second payment at the delivery : 1.750 euros
Total : 3.750 euros
Packaging and shipping included
Delay - 3 months after the command
Please contact me : stephrenaud59@aol.com

BRONZES made by Stéphane Renaud
april, 14th 2011

You are an amateur of sculpture and you look for fortune …
You have some money and wish to make it fruit without paying of taxes.
Then, become the godfather or the godmother of one of my works and gain 25 %.


The manufacturing of a bronze sculpture is made from a prototype which I realize.
For that purpose, it is necessary to make a mould which will serve then for the production of 12 original copies of every work. The cost of the creation of a bronze is thus constituted by 2 parts: the first one for the manufacturing of the mould, the second for the cast iron itself.
Once the work was realized, it represents a capital, a possibility of gain and a guarantee.

Let us take an example: for the manufacturing of a work as this one:
(Heart with lips, 40 x 30 x 20 cms)
The cost of the mould is 300 euro, that some cast iron is 500 euro.
You will thus have to invest only 800 euro.
Once the work was realized, I propose it in the sale during exhibitions which I organize, by not missing to invite you in the private viewings, as well as all the networks of the other customers.
At this moment, two choices offer themselves to you: that to let sell " your work ", or that of to buy it for yourself.
The retail price of a bronze work is generally fixed with regard to the price of its manufacturing multiplied by three. (A part for the manufacturing, the other one for the artist, the third for the trader or the intermediary). Here, I held a coefficient of 2,5 by taking into account a possible discount.
In the first case, during the sale, the retail price of the heart will thus be 2000 euro, (2,5 x 800) on which you will get back your initial stake increased by 25 % that is 800 + 200 = 1000 euro.
So can begin again to us the operation, your profit for the same stake of departure which can reach 50 %, 75 % in single year if the operation reproduces several times.
In the second case, if you cannot separate you from this bronze heart, because you guess that it will soon cost much more expensively, then you will have the possibility of acquiring it from the first exhibition, at the preferential 1500-euro price, that is the 2000-euro retail price underestimated by 25 %. You will not thus have to pay out more that 700 euro (on 1500 - 800 of the initial stake).
For three years when will last our contract, duly signed, I make a commitment to make everything to sell at best "your" work. I shall have interest in it as much as you, given that my profit will begin only after the sale of "your" work. A descriptive list of all the presented numbered bronzes will be supplied to every subscriber before every exhibition, so that each knows which sculptures can be sold.
If, regrettably, such was not the case at the end of three years, (it would be incredible!) you can get back "your" work, amounting to your initial stake, becoming totally an owner of the work for only 800 euro in the place of the 2000 euro of its theoretical value.
In every case moulds will live my exclusive property.
The main purpose being to sell to a third(third party) the work which you will have helped me to make, it is obvious that we shall be motivated as much the one as the other one to find buyer as quickly as possible, taking advantage of networks of each.

Plainly what is the interest of this project, which will give rise to the signature of a legal contract in due form? For you, to become partner of an (exempted from taxation) artistic project, by gaining at least 25 % of an on the whole rather modest stake. (Do you Know many investments offering such a profitability?) for me, to find an additional financing to promote and spread my works.
What is the ultimate risk? For you, to remain after three years an owner of a sculpture which you will have chosen and which you will have finally acquired for less half of its value. For me, to be, certainly a little disappointed, but to have the pleasure to know my realized works while keeping moulds for future editions. Win-win …

Let us take another example:
For the bronze realization of this other sculpture
("Fauna 75" x 50 x 30 cms)
2000 euro are necessary. 600 for the manufacturing of the mould, on 1400 for the cast iron.
You bet 2000 euro. The work is proposed to the public at the 5000-euro sale price.
You will thus can, that is to get back 2500 in case of sale,
Let be to acquire the work for the preferential price(prize) of:
5000 euro _ 25 % = 3750 euro _ 2000 euro of the initial stake = 1750 euro
Let be to get back the work for you at the end of three years, in case of not sale, in other words by having it acquiring for 2000 euro instead of 5000 euro of the retail price.
Any company contains risks. But it seems to me that here, these are limited, given that each of us, and the other participants to the project, will have interest in the success of the company.
30 participants in this subscription, it is thirty networks of members, thirty efforts mobilized for a common purpose, where each will be useful for the others and mutually.
100 participants, it is the power of exponential distribution that benefits all.
It is finally the possibility to see original works realized bronze, presented in the best conditions, exhibited in France or abroad, sold and reproduced, assuring their promotion, useful for all.
In your calculations! And bye for now!
Yours Sculpturalement,

Stéphane Renaud

You can find a not exhaustive list of the reproducible works by going on this link:
Http: // fr.arts-creation-gallery.com/chercher_s earch.php? Artiste=42*lng=fr*theme=26
(The prices indicated on the site do not correspond to the cost of the bronze manufacturing, but to the sale price of the original in clay. For estimate of sculptures to be realized, please consult me)
A more detailed description of the project can be sent to you on inquiry, with in particular the information concerning the favorable terms of tax exemption for the original oeuvres of art, for the private individuals as for the companies.
Finally, a copy of the contract of participation, to sign by both parts, will be sent to you in case of agreement.

Explanatory document concerning the manufacture of bronzes
april, 14th 2011

From time immemorial, the sculpture maintains with the man the strongest link. Venus, Egyptian divinities, symbolic figures of Cyclades, totems or hero of all the mythologies, of every time and all the countries, prove for a long time the superiority of this major art on the universal imagination. And very naive would be the ones who would believe that the sculpture has no more its place in a modern and postmodern world!
The crisis of marks, the crises of powers, or the crisis of the system, everything contributes on the contrary to a reappropriation and to a redefining of the artistic forms to represent the New World.
Whereas certain artists devote to abstract realizations or use the last techniques of the scientific progress, appreciated by the media but already exceeded because always in pursuit of the short-lived vanity, I preferred for my part to concentrate on the fundamental roles of the art which through all the countries and every time seem to me to promise a bigger durability.
For seven years I was able to deepen the techniques of the anatomical representation with the cooperation of Madam Lorenzi-Scotto, the ancient director of the School of Fine Arts of Monaco. Leaving Paris for the South where I am henceforth settled, I decided to devote exclusively to the sculpture of body, animal and human, and to the writing of new books.

Representations were stylized by body, by heads, by animals, by allegories, any alive object seems to me deserving serving as subject of sculpture provided that I feel capable of removing " the Spirit " from it, the fundamental principle which constitutes it. I thus aim at nothing less that the simplicity and the sensibility, only to make cross the emotion, because the art is only the vector of the emotion.
Each knows regrettably that it is about the most difficult work there …

Mixing the memories of my numerous journeys with the visit of uncountable museums, I try to restore, by producing thanks to the nature,
The works chosen to be soon duplicated bronze will thus be divided into two categories to be more surer "to please" the largest number.
The first one concerns simple forms in the tense, symbolist lines or almost totemiques which conquer more easily the taste of the more "intellectual" persons.
The second relates to "sentimental" poses, to slept nudes, embraces, trunks of man or woman, attracting the amateur or amateur more sensual. The Amur remaining the common message of both languages, expressed under more symbolic or more representational forms.
So, having been able to verify during numerous exhibitions of my previous works which parts were the most estimated, I suggest here realizing bronze only those who showed their ability..


Alloy of copper and tin in variable proportions, the bronze represents for the collector, with the marble, the noblest material and the most valued, and guard so a constant market value.

Of every original work in clay, the caster (here " The Foundry " to Villeneuve Loubet or "Candide" in Paris) pullsa mould into which he pours a first bronze copy, then seven others if need be, all considered as originals, signed and numbered by 1/8 in 8/8 by the artist.
Four other examplaries are also authorized and considered original named " tests of artist " signed and numbered E.A 1 to E.A 4.
The total edition of an original work can thus be 12 copies. The following tests, if they are produced, being considered as simple copies or multiple of a lesser value.
The cost of the manufacturing of moulds thus is to be planned only once, being reusable and redeemable on twelve copies of the same sculpture.
The cost concerning the cast iron itself concerns every copy, according to its edition, spread at the time according to the need.
Besides the bronze realized editions which constitute the main part of my production, a declension of certain works in resin allows to make again a dozen original numbered editions at a lower cost as well as an indefinite number of " not original copies ", if need, in the years which will follow the marketing of bronzes.
All these "resins" can be enlarged in the sizes wished by the private individuals or the communities (works for private gardens, commands of city halls, traffic circles etc.)
They complete advantageously the range proposed to the public, added to the tens of sculptures of animals in earth(ground) original, already realized.


The valuation
To proceed to the sale of the work when this one is realized, it is usual to apply it a coefficient of 3,including the part of the manufacturing cost, the part returning to the artist and finally the part returning to the trader who will market the work, if necessary
As regards the here presented project, I preferred to apply for no more security, than a coefficient of 2,5 because, either the part of the trader would escape me, or it would fortunately come to be added to the part which returns to me, if I succeed in doing without intermediary.
For a sculpture of a 500-euro manufacturing cost of cast iron + 300 euro of mould, its sale price would thus be of
2,5 x 800 is 2000 euro.

A - The initial promotion

Having exercised gallery owner's business during about twenty years in Paris, I have a file of names of customers and amateurs who are, in any new opportunity, contactables and interested.
Furthermore, the www.salondethorigny.com web site allows, once realized bronzes, to put on-line my works with an international public.

B-The next exhibitions
After the next virtual advertising campaign and by posters, I planned the organization of three exhibitions.
The one in Nice where I have a network of friends and knowledge; other one in Bordeaux where I also have a network of potential amateurs; and finally one in Paris where I practiced for a long time and when I keep in touch with numerous amateurs.

C - Galleries and foreign countries
After these first three exhibitions, I've planned to put me in touch with art galleries (ancient colleagues or new galleries) with which some will be doubtless interested in a bronze production always appreciated.
Finally and collectively, a prospecting towards the foreign countries by internet, or during journeys, has to open the doors of new outlets and the access to a new clientele to the purchasing power important and always sensitive to the fame and to the quality of the French artists.


As any artistic activity was placed under the sign of the reasoned passion, the creation of works and the fame of an artist need time and means to develop, particularly Particularly the sculpture by the initial cost of the manufacturing of the works.
Here the thorough stake intervenes mainly at the beginning of the activity because the following needs are only constituted by the renewal of the stock.

The here presented project suggests to the amateur choosing freely the sculpture to its taste which it will sponsor throughout the putting on sale of the bronze work. So, besides the initial contribution of the artist, will be found the capital outlay necessary for the launch of the project.
While helping the artist to promote the fame of his works, the "godfather" can find profit by a return on investment of his initial stake increased by 25 % of profit, renouvellable as often as he will want it.

The fame and the value of the works having no limit, the progress of the profitability in this domain of activity can become exponential in case of major success, and at least very lucrative in case of average success.
The development of customer loyalty, The biggest ease to find there of new, by the increasing fame of the artist,it becomes easier to kick away a better profit every year.


- A reasonable capital outlay and défiscalisable (see secondary and contract).
- An easy and potentially exponential profitability.
- The professionalism of his designer.
- Commercial networks of distribution already constituted and multiplied by those of the subscribers
- An original work and " which pleases ", already realized, that it is enough to duplicate bronze.
- A work and a material representing for the customer an investment.
- A very moderate risk-taking
- The satisfaction to become a sponsor while benefiting


If the domain of the art is often supposed to be for a domain of investment at risks, it is because most of the time it is left between inexperienced hands.
Everyone can say to himself artist and everyone can claim himself gallery owner, nevertheless rare are the ones who master the various aspects of the job, the originality of the artist and the competence of an experimented trader.
The real artists, those who master at once(at the same time) a technique and an original style, need means which allow their work to bloom and to find his public.
You, reader of this project, participate to make live and recognize a living artist, while realizing an investment!

Exhibition in Nice
From october, 28th 2010 to october, 29th 2010

Arts-creation-gallery invites you at the "vernissage" of the exhbition of new works made by Stéphane Renaud
Thursday 28th october from 6,30 pm to midnight.
RESERVO'ART gallery - 14 avenue St Jean Baptiste, Nice- France
Pantings, sculptures books and the creations of a mystery lady will be shown during this party, around a glass of Château de Fontalem, Bordeaux' wine
See you soon !

From july, 11th 2009 to july, 19th 2009

We are glad to invite you for the second exhibition of STEPHANE in EZE (along the sea) the July 11 th.
You will can discover sculptures, paintings and the new poetry book wroten by Stephane, during the cocktail served at 6. 30 pm.
You will can also be at the show mixing Art works, Theater, Music and , of course, Poetry.
After this date, the exhibition will be presented at the Exe-Village municipal house, from july 12 th to july 19 th
For any information, please contact: 00 33 (0)4 93 16 80 24
We are yet waiting for you !

MEMOIRE by Blanche Balain

MEMORY, a poem and three texts for Jean Sénac, Albert Camus, Emmanuel Roblès. by Blanche Balain. Written after Albert Camus' death. 1998 - 8 euros + 1

MEDITERRANEES by Stéphane Renaud

A book of luminous poems about sea, love and Greece where the writer lived. With a free and classic language, these poems reach the essential of life : our emotion, deep or light.
Edited in 1996 at Editions de la Tour des Vents.
12 euros + 2 euros for shipping.

DOUCEURS by Stéphane Renaud

A book of poems, satires and fables written in a classic language and talking with irony about beauties of the world and desorder of it. Edited in 2000 at Editions de aa Tour des Vents.
13 euros + 2 euros for shipping.

LA RECITANTE - Volume 1 by Blanche Balain

Blanche Balain has often given her remembers to the Albert Camus' biographers. In the "Récitante",she offers a direct account, unique ans sensitive about the youth of the writer. She has also opened her "Cahiers" and read again the passed time with Albert Camus. 2000 - 17 euros + 2 for shipping.

LA RECITANTE - Volume 2 by Blanche Balain

The story goes on. During the second war in France, living near Côte d'Azur, Blanche Balain meets again Albert Camus, as a refugee. Affection comes back with the passion of writing and poetry. Editions Baie des Anges, 2007 - 18 euros + 2


In this book, the author open his note book where women approached or dreamed have only let of her presence a name, a firstname, a face, a glanze or a remember of an art work. This portraits gallery is also a traveller book, a new sentimental geography between Orient and Ireland, seats of moleskine and station's platforms." 1997 - 11 euros + 2

VANITES by Stéphane Renaud

Two months after September 11th, the authentic story of the diner given by France in memory of the victims, in presence of the ambassador of United States. With an ironic style, the author offers an unique account full of knowledge about the contemporary events. 12 euros + 2 for shipping

DE GRACE ! by Stéphane Renaud

A polemical book about the art and the market for collectors and connaisseurs. Edited in 1998, this text writen with eloquence, is the result of a long experience of gallerist. It reveals the secret laws and uses of the art market and castigates its errors.
Editions La Tour des Vents
8 euros + 2 euros for shipping.

HERE s THE DAY by Stéphane Renaud

An ambitious fresco about Creation and Destiny.
Editions Loris Talmart, 1986.

YDRA by Stéphane Renaud

A poetic and theatral story about love. A bewitching poem as a sea night proposing a dyonisiac conception of the life.
Editions Loris Talmart, 1985. Out of print.

SONGS ON MY ROCK by Stephane Renaud

A third edition of poems, edited by La Tour des Vents, being printing for the july 9th 2009.
Mixing poems and other free texts, Stephane Renaud talks again about nature, love and politics, being confirmed in its analysis by the new times.

Article by Adam Debaud about Stephane Renaud



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