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Richard de L. is an exceptional man.
Aristocrat and artist, direct descendant of Charles Gounod, dreamer, photographer at
his most rich hours, he embraces nature with passion , Andalusia and Venice
with the madness, Paris, France, the cats, the sculptures and Poetry just
as much.
He prefers to escape this world and show us what he sees with his eyes of an aesthete.
Smart, subtle, delicate, precise, vast is his art that combines with an unquestionable technical
control of the camera, a rare research of sensitivity.
No artifice here, neither filter, nor works again, only sights taken at the right moment, the right place.
It is not uncommon to find on our way an original, modern work daring to speak about Beauty, about Elegance.
Richard de L.has received several prizes for his photographs, now on permanent exhibit with the Salon de Thorigny.


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