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Another artist, another style, another view of the world.
The body, Africa, and the music inspires this artist.

Pascale was born in 1959 in Neuilly. She spent her youth in Brittany and in Africa. She began her studies at the ABIDJAN'S School of Arts, and received her degree in Orléans in 1981.
Pascale's sensitivity of color and the African body influenced her earlier period, we can also find this in German expressionism. Funny, sunny, full of life, and sensual.
After the cafe's, the sailors, and the nudes, Pascale presents here heads, and men who smoke.
A strong, dynamic painting, goes with a perfect but modern drawing, a sober construction reduced to a main point with magical color.
It is the current world seen by a woman, a true visual sense of life, a glance at the man with sensuality and sensitivity.
Married in 1985 and mother of two children, she is living now in Lisbon where she creates elaborate paintings, using softer color and a tekno influence as you can see on our web site.
Pascale's work has been in several expositions. For example, Nice, London, Geneva,Chicago, Saint-Louis, Key West, and Washington.
Her work is in collections around the world.


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