My art gallery

Born in Bordeaux, of Breton origin, Stephane Renaud has lived in Brussels, Paris, Athens, Rio de Janeiro and near Nice. He quickly now in Callen, in the Landes where he realizes sculptures in bronze or earth, and where he writes. The forest offers it its light and all the subjects that please it: nature, animals, bodies and legends. He has written many books (essays, novels, short stories and collections of poems), sculpture and writing going hand in hand for him, as mere testimonies of what he sees.

Mes créations

Sculptures en Bronze

The sculptures presented in this gallery are numbered and signed bronze, melted at the “Les Cyclopes” foundry, in Mérignac, Nice or Paris. These are original works which can be ordered in:

  • bronze resin large format,
  • 3 by 3 meters for example small size,
  • like a piece of jewelry for example

Pastels and Paintings

During a lot of trips in Greece, in France and Brazil, I’ve painted or drawn those pastels and little paintings. I tried to show a little part of the wonderful  beauty of the world.  I love, as any one, light, nature and bodies ; Summer, trees and beaches.

After a first totemic style, I ve painted a lot of illustrations for books or decoration. Now my way is more naive and simple,  just trying to let evident a natural part of beauty and life.

Independently, a little collection of erotic pastels can be seen on demand.

Sculptures in clay

I felt a lot of pleasure modeling simple forms or allegories of love, sun, or desire. Also trying to catch the soul of little animals in clay.

Concerning human bodies, I learnt with my friend Daniele Lorenzi-Scotto,  (ancient director of Monaco Fine arts School) a little part of anatomy secrets. Hard work !

Now, my research is mainly concentrated on study of portraits, and I try to be able to describe intimistic part of people.

All those sculptures in clay can be duplicated in bronze or resin.


Writing is one my two passions, since I was a child. In first, I read a lot of french authors  of old and new time, then I compose my first text « Ydra » when I was 18th years old.

After that, all my books have been published by different editors, and Ihad the chance to enjoy freedom to write what I wanted. Poetry books, short or long novels about life and our new time, essais, poetic texts in prose… All that compose my work and my heart.

Antics people were saying « create children or books, not both !… ». I’ve chosen to make books. And I invite you to learn French language and to discover my children …

All the works at your fingertips!

Find all my creations available in the online store. For more information, do not hesitate to send me an email using this form or by telephone on 06 34 16 35 71.

My workshop is located in Callen in the Landes, I remain at your disposal if you wish to visit it.