Bronze sculptures

In general, a bronze sculpture is obtained from an original model in clay, wax or plaster. This technique, old from the 3rd century BC, then assumes that this model is cast in bronze from a mold.

My creations

The sculptures presented here are clay works, unique pieces, or numbered and signed bronzes, melted at the “Les Cyclopes” foundry in Mérignac, Nice or Paris. These are original works which can be ordered in bronze or resin. They can also be made in a smaller format (jewelry for example) or in large dimensions (3 meters by 3 for example), for outdoor subjects or emblems of municipalities.

Years of learning

These bronze sculptures are the result of convergent research that I have carried out in Paris and Italy for several years. This parallel research led me to try to make visible both the primitive energy, the beauty of the anatomy, and an evocation of Greek or Brazilian mythology.


The figure of the Faun, which represents at the same time the Dionysiac force, the desire of the body, and the aspiration to Apollonian light, seemed to me to be the best suited to this syncretism which tries to combine the qualities of humanist Antiquity and sensual to our modernity.

My bronze sculptures

All the works at your fingertips!

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