Christian Menelas

Born in Mauritius Island in 1960, Christian Menelas. came in Paris in 1984. Self-taught person, he began to paint and draw from 1986 and made many drawings and pastels using different materials. Then, becoming stronger with its technique, he realized a few big and medium size paintings on canvas or board until his death in 1992.
His painting is full of gentleness, mystery and a great sentimental lyrism, as if people and bodys shown in its paintings were living somewhere else in an ideal and distant world, giving to see a part of their enigmatic spirit.
During his short career, he tried to use a lot of mediums, as acrylic, oil, felt-tip pen, and a lot of materials as paper, canvas, zinc, marble…
The love feeling present in all of its art works gives to this rare and very sensitive painter a great charm and originality, Unfortunatly the death stopped him too early when he was only 32 years old.

Exposé par la galerie Est à Paris, il a participé avec elle aux foires de Londres, Chicago, Genève… Sa dernière exposition de son vivant a eu lieu à Saint Germain des Prés en janvier 1992.


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