Earthen works

The modeling of clay is as old as humanity. Doesn’t legend say that God made man out of this noble material? So, I always do like everyone else, I take a little soil in my hands and fold it according to my desires and my dreams. I make animals like children, bodies for adults, suns, birds and moons, whatever my mind wants to design for a better and more beautiful world.

I lived in France, Greece and Brazil where I imbibed the perfect forms that I saw, in museums or on the beaches. The creation in three dimensions being more natural and easier than painting, I try to strive to make a little of the sensuality of an innocent and lost world, that of Antiquity or nature.

And then, when one of my forms seems worthy to stand the test of time, I leave it to the craftsman who transforms it into bronze, like the alchemist transforms the vulgar into a precious object. And I dream that one day, one of them will be realized in large dimensions in order to offer to the gaze, in its full measure, another conception of a more harmonious world.épreuves du temps, je la laisse à l’artisan qui la transforme en bronze, comme l’alchimiste métamorphose le vulgaire en objet précieux. Et je rêve qu’un jour, l’un d’eux soit réalisé en grande dimension afin de proposer au regard, en sa pleine mesure, une autre conception d’un monde plus harmonieux. 

Sculptures in clay

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