Stephane Renaud

Sculptor – Painter – Writer

My créations

Stéphane Renaud presents to you his art gallery. The result of years and years of passion and art work.

Stephane Renaud, Sculpteur sur Bronze et sur Terre à Callen en Gironde (France)


Please discover my different original sculptures in clay or in bronze.

I also propose to you to duplicate clay works in bronze, or to realize your own portrait. Please, contact me for any question !

Stephane Renaud, Artiste Peintre sur papier ou sur toile à Callen en Gironde (France)


On papers or canvas, I describe natural countries, or human scenes  abale to create in my mind and my heart a good feeling. Of course, nature, light, bodies and desire are my main friends and subjects.

Stephane Renaud, Écrivrain à Callen en Gironde (France)


As a painting of the life, my writing is a tentation to show what world I see, and how it is wonderful. Poetry, short or long novels, essais, poetic texts, are my books.

Always edited since my 20ths, I invite you to discover my stories, my imagination, included in those 15 books.

Some of the bronze statues available

The sculptures presented here are originals in clay or original bronzes, duplicated in 12 exemplaries only, signed and numeroted, as original creations.
Those bronzes have been founded at Cyclope foundry, close to Nice, or at Candide Foundry in Paris, two very professional factories.
All those art works are available  on demand in clay, in resin or in bronze, in small size (for jewel, for example) or in very large dimensions for gardens or exteriors


Other artist art works

During 20 years in Paris, as art dealer in my art gallery in Marais, I’ve shown a lot of great  contemporary artists.

I invite to discover their beautiful paintings and photographies.

Hélène Majera, ami artiste de stephane renaud

Hélène Majera

Internationally recognized graphic designer and illustrator. Discover many paintings from his first expressionist and colorful period.

Christian Menelas, ami artiste de stephane renaud

Christian Menelas

Self-taught, he first produced many drawings and pastels, then he undertook medium and large formats. He died in 1992 after a great success of his exhibitions with amateurs.

Pascale Marguerez, ami artiste de stephane renaud

Pascale Maguerez

This artist has a great sensitivity to the colors and the modeling of African bodies. Here are presented works from different periods and different subjects covering his work from the 80s to today.

Richard de Lasus, ami artiste de stephane renaud

Richard de Lassus

Artistocrat and artist, he loves nature passionately. He escapes and shows us through his photographs what he sees with his aesthetic eye. No filters, no re-work, only simple and poetic shots.


Addicted by aesthetic since always, and very interested by art works of different cultures and different periods, I’ve collected several interesting pieces, African masks, old statues or paintings.

I invite you to discover et to buy them. I’m sure you’ll feel the same plesure than me !

L’Atelier du Grison

Bed and breakfast in the Landes forest. An environment conducive to rest and ideal for refocusing on oneself.

Discover the workshop of sculptor, painter and writer Stéphane Renaud located in Callen in the Landes (Aquitaine).