Artist paintings

Describe what we see, what we feel, what we would like, like a wish or a thank you to everything around us, this world so beautiful, this splendid nature, these sensual and so sweet bodies , this light on all this, infinitely clear…

Yes, it is to describe this, a little, to my small measure, that I draw in pastel or paint in acrylic.

I have known too many real painters to know that I am not. Just a modest miniaturist, like those monks who took pleasure in doing their illuminations well. My paintings have no ambition with regard to the immense History of Art. Just that of being sincere. It is not much, I agree, but it is sometimes enough to find lenient eyes and sensitive to what I see and describe.

I was fortunate to be exhibited in France or abroad for twenty years, but I now reserve my work at my house and those who frequent it, only leaving my forest in rare opportunities. I wish fun and dreams to those who will look at my little works.

Artist paintings

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